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queerkissing's Journal

Show some love!
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This is a community for posting pictures of queer kissing. I created this community because the community I found for posting pictures of women kissing seemed from the userinfo to be limited to femmes. Femme-on-femme is by far not the only kind of lesbian-lovin' that is beautiful. Post pictures of butch on butch kissing, or pictures of a femme and a butch, or tombois, birls, an ftm and a femme or butch, an ftm and an mtf...you get the idea. If bio gay boys would like to post pictures as well, you're welcome to.

A few ground rules:

1. This is NOT a rating community. We are all here to share the beauty of queer love, and there is nothing but support here.

2. The maintainer has the right to reject anyone for any reason, i.e. inactive journals or general skeeviness.

3. If you would like to post non-kissing pictures in an intro post, that's fine...but otherwise stay on topic.

4. If you would like to post more risque pictures--such as naked kissing or anything else involving nudity or sex--you're more than welcome to, but put the pictures behind a cut with a warning.

5. If you have more than one picture, please put behind a cut! We don't want to spam anyone's friends page.

6. No community promotion without maintainer's approval.

7. Your maintainer and moderator is krazyhippie. You may reach me at culioness@yahoo.com if you need to report an issue.